For many thousands of years, pet has always been man's best friends. To us at Pet Soft, pets are not just friends, but family, and they deserve so much more! Pets have seen man from the days when he wore only leaves and leather around his waist, to this day when his whole life has been made easier with technological advances. However, our pets have remained the same through the years. They deserve better!

Since 1993, this has been a propelling force for us. We could not conveniently watch our dogs struggle to have good and comfortable lives. Sometime ago, there were no pet supplies; no aids, no toys, nothing. Dogs had to make do with whatever nature threw at them like primitives. We cared for our dogs and we wanted more. We wanted them to be comfortable, happy and even healthy. This is the drive behind Pet Soft; the love humans have for dogs, and the desire to make them happier with us. Our mission has always been to foster the relationship between pets and their owners. Good life for your pets, even better for you.

Puppies litter the surroundings with urine and faeces every now and then, giving their owners more work and also giving the atmosphere an odour. We needed a hack for that and we created the pet diapers. So, no more extra cleaning chores, no more smelly homes and definitely, happier dogs!

Ever since we started, the product has grown to be particularly comfortable for each dog gender and size. So, no matter how big or small your dog is we’ve got the perfect size.

Pets are also prone to feeling neglected and they can also feel lonely, but not anymore. We created different types of pet toys to keep your pets busy and to keep their company whenever you are busy or not available to play with them.

We started our journey simply as lifesavers and ever since our products hit the market, this has been the exact response from our customers.

It is not enough to love your pet, they need some affection. We have tried to show this affection by giving more food, more time, but it just doesn’t feel enough. However, with supplies that make their lives easier to live, we’ve been able to show just the affection they need, and it has yielded results. This is what we provide at Pet Soft and our records show that we have always succeeded in making dogs happier with high quality products.

No matter how happy your dog is, with Pet Soft supplies, they can even be happier!